Streaming in 2018

In 2018 one of the things I’m going to do to make sure I’m regularly making time for comics is streaming the work I do on the comics for Britland City.

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Motivational Moon Goals

Right, let’s get cracking and tackle the question immediately in your mind…

“Fefe…What The Heck Are Moon Goals?!”

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Balancing Full Time Employment and Creative Work

I am blogging about trying to be a pro comic artist while working in Full Time Employment. No one asked me to, but I’ve noticed the lack of blogs from people who balance comic creation around office work.

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Updates and all that Jazz

Following a much needed trip to the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival (nothing more inspiring than seeing a bunch of successful comic artists), and a very pleasant email chain that I’ve been having with someone who is commissioning me, I felt like it was time to update this blog with what I’ve been up to, what I’m currently doing, and what future things I’m planning. 

Without further adieu;

What I’ve been Up To;

  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • I managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand Surface Pro 4 that was still under warranty so I’m getting to grips with drawing directly onto a screen again.
  • Drawing D&D characters – my own and my party’s
  • Playing D&D…and PUBG…and Crypt of the Necrodancer.
  • Some leisurely travel this year. Helsinki for a (non-typical) Finnish wedding deep in the heart of the wilderness, Insomnia61 (my first LAN ever!) and LICAF.
  • Reading some very useful books regarding story-crafting.

What I’m currently Up To;

  • A long term character design project for an indie RPG video game for one of my long-time friends. I’m designing the four PCs and it aims to 1) both embrace and dispense with clichés and 2) be accessible to a large group of people. We’re hoping that there’ll be a character for nearly everyone to relate to!
  • A series of smaller character commissions for /r/dnd following a post of my Celestial Pact Warlock to Reddit.
  • 日本語が学びます!
  • Retconning Britland City so that The Novelteagirl never happened because it is a story that requires my scientifically-minded main character to hold an idiot ball for an entire week

What’s happening in the Future?;

  • Making Britland, Making Britland, Making Britland! 
  • A long weekend trip to Belgium in December to see a couple of creative friends back from the SheezyArt days.
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Redraw: The Novelteagirl Cover

I wanted to redraw the Novelteagirl cover. New version on the left, old on the right. It’s amazing what not having to rush for a competition deadline (and a couple of months of on-and-off life drawing) does for your artwork ?. I’ve been trying to improve my digital inking by resisting the urge to do sketchy inkwork. It’s challenging but also fun to see major improvements in aestetics with a tiny bit of effort.

Keen eyes might notice that I’ve used it as the bg for my portfolio. I like the bright colours!

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Art for 11/07/17

CLIP PAINT: Getting back into colour

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