Motivational Moon Goals

Right, let’s get cracking and tackle the question immediately in your mind…

“Fefe…What The Heck Are Moon Goals?!”

“Moon Goals” are the absolute craziest goals that you could dream of. The goals that mark success beyond what you would be otherwise content with. The kind of goals that make you think ‘Oh damn, is this really happening?!’.¬† I borrowed the name from a well-known quote that is frequently misattributed (and often blasted by grumpy people).

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among stars! – Les Brown

If you hate the corniness of calling them Moon Goals, you can also opt for “Pinch Goals” as in ‘Pinch me! I must be dreaming!’. Whatever name you pick, they’re goals that will keep you dreaming and keep you motivated as you work.[note]Since writing this I have come to prefer ‘Pinch Goals’ now but OH WELL.[/note]

Achieving the goals should feel be like winning the lottery. One thing about the lottery though; you can’t win if you don’t play. You will have no chance of achieving your Moon/Pinch Goals if you don’t get out there and make the things!

“What Are YOUR Moon/Pinch Goals, Fefe?”

Well, they’re meant to be a bit out-there. A bit impossible in the saturated sea of the internet, so, uh, you’ve been warned. These ARE (to my self-flagellating¬†British self) unrealistic pipe-dreaming goals. So, in no particular order;

  • Being invited to talk on a panel at the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival
  • Being invited to talk on a panel at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival
  • Seeing my comics published in at least 5 languages
  • Being invited to collaborate with an animation powerhouse to adapt a project
  • Being invited to pitch an original idea that then gets made
  • A Teagirl Nendroid and/or Britland Series of Pop! Figures (or whatever might be the equivalent)
  • My favourite musicians write into/ending music for one of my series

So those are my pinch goals. I have them written down in my journal and I’m going to make them into a poster I can hang where I work. You should write some too – they’re crazy but dang if they’re a good motivator. As I said earlier; you can’t achieve your goals if you don’t work towards them. You can’t work towards your goals if you don’t know what they are. So, write some goals, work towards them, and make the time to do your thing!

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