Watercolours and Other Things

So I purchased some Gansai Tambi paints as a birthday gift to myself as I have been wanting to get back into watercolours quite badly.

It’s taken me a while to get around to taking photos of my experiments as I rushed to finish a costume and then was out for a 4 day weekend in North Wales. I’ve also been battling against new medication side effects and a broken boiler while working to restore the Britland City comics buffer.

I finally have a day off to myself, so here’s a selection of things that I’ve gotten done since.

A Mi-Go as I imagined it before finishing the story they were first referenced in

Looking a little cross-eyed there…

As you can see, I still have far to go. I’m just waiting for a bit of extra cash to flow this way so that I can buy some more practice paper.

In other news, I have applied for a space at the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. Let’s hope that I get it and make the investment for Thought Bubble go a little further!

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