More Watercolours, More!

So in the last week I’ve been reading ‘Urban Watercolor Sketching’ by Felix Scheinberger and ‘Light and Shade in Watercolour’ by Hazel Soan. Both artists are incredible, with similar subjects but vastly different methods and styles, and I have been feeling inspired.

Naturally, feeling inspired means I immediately had to start painting before finishing either book (oops). It also looks like I went a bit into overdrive compared to the last couple of months.[note]Comic? What comic?[/note]

The following have not been uploaded in order of painting.


The reception to these paintings has been suprisingly good. At my table at Geek Retreat, some people mentioned that they don’t see many watercolour comic book artists, which was a good point! When I used to think of comic book covers, I never thought of watercolour pieces until I saw the work of Dustin Nguyen.[note]Which is a bizarre way to think when watercolours have been used for illustration work since watercolours were a thing.[/note] Not gonna lie, it’s Nguyen’s work that has inspired me to get some nice materials and switch back to traditional.

One last thing; the fortnightly artists group has been given the go-ahead, so I’ve went and made a little community site over at

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