A small update

I’ve been a bit busy with getting some bits of merchandise ready for the coming convention season while also trying to organise some legal things, fulfilling some online sales, working on the comics and doing various life things.

The first run of Super Friday Part 1 arrived last week and they are beautiful. Printed by the wonderful Comic Printing UK. Go see them if you have things to print. They’re wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable, very fast once the artwork is sorted, and more than good value!

However, I’ve picked up a lovely tin of Prima Watercolours (the Odyssey palette) and some nice but inexpensive watercolour postcards that mean that I can so some simple watercolours on the go (although trying to mix on paper-only is proving a bit of a challenge but I’ve seen that Primas are great for direct colour pieces anyway).

Here’s some snaps of the things I’ve been working on these last few weeks!

I also have a spiffy business address now! Woohoo!

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