Experimenting with Watercolour for Painting on the Go

I’ll keep this one brief since I’ve been pretty busy travelling for work and the like!

I’ve been trying out a couple of new materials so that I can paint on the go – a combination of Prima Watercolours and now a new set of Winsor and Newton (but only because the 24 half-pan set was heavily discounted at Cass Arts – they have a massive sale on at the moment, go check it out!). I’ve been trying a variety of watercolour postcards as its been really hard to find a decent non-ringbound pad that’s around A5 or smaller.

So I present two of my latest pieces from the last 7 days;

This portrait was done with the Prima Odyssey set, a Derwent watercolour pencil, and two Pentel waterbrush pens (fine and medium tip) on Seawhite’s Postcard Paper.










This plant girl drinking tea was done with the Winsor & Newton Professional Half-Pan Set (using Aureolin, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine, and Windsor Purple) using a Rosemary & Co Round 4 Kolinsky Sable Pencil, and a thin Pentel Waterbrush.

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