22nd of July

I don’t know why I feel the need to apologise for what feels like radio silence on my part, but I shall say sorry none-the-less! I’ve been trying not to succumb to the stress of a house sale and failing – so I’ve only really had the mental energy to work on comic pages until today. During the week, in which I had to take a day off to stop the overwhelming feelings from affecting my full time work, I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch Hazel Soan’s ‘Learn Watercolours Quickly’ . She is such a joy to watch – her enthusiasm is great, and by the end of the video I was feeling a heck of a lot better for a short while. Watching her paint is entertainment, I suggest that you watch it if you’re into the loose and energetic watercolour style.

Enough of that though, I know what you’re here for; the non-comic artwork I’ve managed in the last week – its been an exercise in getting some of the Soan-ness into my own work!

No doodles this time, they’re all sat on post-it notes tucked into my journal at the office…


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