This is now a blog about World Building?

Someone sound the NEW PROJECT alarm because I am in so deep with writing and planning this current project that it’s likely to have the first act scripted by the end of the year!

Following a dump of thoughts and worries on a poor unsuspecting friend (so sorry, Neil), I’ve decided to outsource all my feelings regarding the world building for this project on my blog. I never did manage to write some articles about making comics around an unrelated full time job but the gist of it is that all my free time was split between actually making the comics and spending some time being social with friends.

In a nutshell the way I managed this was:

  1. Keeping my diary up to date so I could see what days I had free evenings for comics
  2. Remembering to use my commute time to unwind, and then spend some time pre-dinner with my partner
  3. Getting over the FOMO and being able to say no to events on weeks where the diary suggested that I wouldn’t have enough time (generally if I lose two weekday evenings)
  4. Do my best to maintain a buffer
  5. Remember to take a break and work on other things inbetween weeks.

But now I’ll probably start talking about building the world for this next project. There’s a lot of worry about offending people since this one is an attempt to tie a lot of mythology and religion together in one timeline. There’s also a lot of fun and a lot that I’ve learned about human history just from doing the research!

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