Happy (belated) 2020!

I’ve done some quick changes to my site – would be grand if you took a peek. Of note is the fact that the contact form is back up, and the Standard Character Commission request form is back up and running.

The shop is empty for now – I’m looking at trying to integrate Shopify/Gumroad/Storenvy so that people can buy my stuff through trusted platforms (and also make use of their bigger userbase).

I’ve also restored some of the Britland City website – right now I’m just waiting for my host to fix the SSL issues.

In other news; I’ve finally achieved my dream of working part-time in an experienced role. Expect more art but I’m recovering from a mental health episode that started last autumn, so don’t expect two full extra days’ worth of art from the get go. Obviously this involves a pay-cut, so I’m going to be ramping up efforts to make it worth supporting me on Patreon and/or Ko-Fi.

Work on The Final Lullaby is still ongoing, and Panel Show Comics is finally up and running with some work up on Comichaus, and Ben Haith-Bedford’s Stormhaven Techs hitting Comixology next week!

2020 brings more comics. I’m sure of it.

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