Conventions and Festivals – 2020

Here’s the conventions and festivals where I’m hoping to be during 2020! It’ll be updated during the year (and as I get my act together, put dates in and rearrange the timeline).

  • Macc-POW! – 27th June (CONFIRMED)
  • Small Press Day – If that’s happening somewhere (Panel Show & Gonzo Industrial will probably be doing something for this)
  • ELCAF – Nope
  • MCM London (Spring) – Nope (my fault)
  • MCM Manchester (Summer) – TBC
  • MCM London (Autumn) – TBC
  • Sheffield Zine Fair – TBC
  • LICAF – 9th – 11th October (Not exhibiting, but I’ll be roaming around in Kendal)
  • Thought Bubble – TBC
  • Nottingham Comic Con – If that’s happening this year

If you prefer a more broken down form of the conventions, you can always check out the calendar! (The main version also includes all those Panel Show! meetups that I help host)

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