How to Support Feff

A few people have asked how they can support me now that I’ve made the decision to quit employed work and go full-time (and if you weren’t aware of this, I made the decision to hand in my resignation and take a punt at freelancing).

This is a lovely question to be asked and I really appreciate it that I have such a lovely group of people for support. I’m not used to having to rely on so many people to survive but here we go;

If you want to support me, but not financially;

If you want to support me financially;

  • You can commission me to draw/paint something (SFW and NSFW within reason) for you/someone else;
    • Illustrations
    • OC Commissions
    • Portrait/Profile Picture Commissions
      • I also offer an online RPG portrait pack – digital watercolour portrait + cutesy token for £40 (perfect for Fantasy Grounds/Roll20)
    • Twitch and/or Discord Emotes
    • Derpmaid Sketches
  • You can buy physical copies of my comics and merchandise at:
  • You can buy digital versions of my comics at:
  • I have a Patreon for regular contributions with early-access to comic pages, the sketches I do for chapters, and chapter process updates (right now I can’t offer more):
  • I have a Ko-Fi for one-off donations:
  • I have a BuyMeACoffee, where you can do either:
  • I am also an affiliate on Twitch, so you can buy subs and/or donate bits when I’m streaming

Every little thing helps. I’ve got at least a 2 month buffer before I have to really be self-reliant so I’m afraid I’m gonna have to start doing some more self-promotion in places! Toot toot!

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