It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been busy working on some private commissions while taking a break from posting on social media. I’m back to personal stuff again so here’s a watercolour that just needs a bit of white ink to sparkle #watercolour #watercolor #gothgirl #goth #arches #winsorandnewton

Where did the autumn go?

I can’t believe it’s November now, it feels like 2018 has just flown by! It’s been a great year for me, got myself involved in the UK convention scene for the first time (despite, what my friends say, appearing to have been involved for years rather than months). I’ve started up a local comic creator group. I’ve sold my maisonette, and this art side-gig has managed to pay for itself (including website and accounting costs) this year – with thanks to my Patrons, of course.

Some things I’ve done since I last posted;

A new banner for my social media profiles (facebook, twitter, mastodon, etc.)

Some watercolour doodles (done while watching the new Sabrina on Netflix)

My latest commission – a (belated) birthday gift for a friend of a friend – it’s her favourite scene from ‘Once Upon A Time In The North’. It felt like designing an alternative book cover at times, ahah!

As always, I’m continually working on the Teagirl comic over at, do check it out if you have some time! We’re getting to the point where Teagirl is actually doing superhero-like things! Here’s to 2019 – I’m hoping for even more success with the art stuff!

Just a short update

I’ve been rejigging my site since Thought Bubble. I realised that as a portfolio site it wasn’t serving me particularly well. I also realised that my lack of formal art education has left my portfolio a bit lacking so I may go even quieter than usual while I try to put together something that I can call a portfolio.

In the meantime here’s a slightly neater painting of a girl that I just added the finishing touches to this weekend.

In other fun news I’m exhibiting at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival over in Kendal. Should be interesting following the comicgate scandal this summer…

August Artwork

I’ve been a bit busy getting Super Friday finished and ready for printing, along with some house sale nonsense and whatnot. I’ve been painting and drawing stuff in the meantime, but I’ve been neglecting updating my blog-like portfolio site. Anyway, on this lovely bank holiday that I’ve spent doing very little (except painting), I’ve finally had time to collect all my photos of the nicer doodles, paper tests, and paintings I’ve done in August.


29th of July 2018

This week has been quite a fun week for art related things – I taught a comic character drawing workshop to a bunch of 8+ kiddos over in Tadcaster on Friday and it was great fun! I also had some time and a chance to practice with the watercolours – I’ve been trying to loosen things up a bit this week, with a focus on mixing colours before I get started and trying to keep to a more Soan style of watercolours especially during warm ups.

22nd of July

I don’t know why I feel the need to apologise for what feels like radio silence on my part, but I shall say sorry none-the-less! I’ve been trying not to succumb to the stress of a house sale and failing – so I’ve only really had the mental energy to work on comic pages until today. During the week, in which I had to take a day off to stop the overwhelming feelings from affecting my full time work, I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch Hazel Soan’s ‘Learn Watercolours Quickly’ . She is such a joy to watch – her enthusiasm is great, and by the end of the video I was feeling a heck of a lot better for a short while. Watching her paint is entertainment, I suggest that you watch it if you’re into the loose and energetic watercolour style.

Enough of that though, I know what you’re here for; the non-comic artwork I’ve managed in the last week – its been an exercise in getting some of the Soan-ness into my own work!

No doodles this time, they’re all sat on post-it notes tucked into my journal at the office…


Promise – A Birthday Present

I don’t have much to say about this except that this was really fun to do and probably one of my best character art watercolour paintings that I have done so far! More than happy to offer these are as a commission for anyone who might be interested!