How to Support Feff

A few people have asked how they can support me now that I’ve made the decision to quit employed work and go full-time (and if you weren’t aware of this, I made the decision to hand in my resignation and take a punt at freelancing).

This is a lovely question to be asked and I really appreciate it that I have such a lovely group of people for support. I’m not used to having to rely on so many people to survive but here we go;

If you want to support me, but not financially;

If you want to support me financially;

  • You can commission me to draw/paint something (SFW and NSFW within reason) for you/someone else;
    • Illustrations
    • OC Commissions
    • Portrait/Profile Picture Commissions
      • I also offer an online RPG portrait pack – digital watercolour portrait + cutesy token for £40 (perfect for Fantasy Grounds/Roll20)
    • Twitch and/or Discord Emotes
    • Derpmaid Sketches
  • You can buy physical copies of my comics and merchandise at:
  • You can buy digital versions of my comics at:
  • I have a Patreon for regular contributions with early-access to comic pages, the sketches I do for chapters, and chapter process updates (right now I can’t offer more):
  • I have a Ko-Fi for one-off donations:
  • I have a BuyMeACoffee, where you can do either:
  • I am also an affiliate on Twitch, so you can buy subs and/or donate bits when I’m streaming

Every little thing helps. I’ve got at least a 2 month buffer before I have to really be self-reliant so I’m afraid I’m gonna have to start doing some more self-promotion in places! Toot toot!

A Public Reminder to myself about Self-Praise

It is known that children need a balance of praise and critical guidance to learn.

Adults are no different. There needs to be a balance of praise and criticism to grow in a productive and healthy manner.

You are never going to get all the praise from external sources.

Therefore; it’s okay to praise yourself and be proud of your achievements without always looking at what needs improving, Feff.

Happy (belated) 2020!

I’ve done some quick changes to my site – would be grand if you took a peek. Of note is the fact that the contact form is back up, and the Standard Character Commission request form is back up and running.

The shop is empty for now – I’m looking at trying to integrate Shopify/Gumroad/Storenvy so that people can buy my stuff through trusted platforms (and also make use of their bigger userbase).

I’ve also restored some of the Britland City website – right now I’m just waiting for my host to fix the SSL issues.

In other news; I’ve finally achieved my dream of working part-time in an experienced role. Expect more art but I’m recovering from a mental health episode that started last autumn, so don’t expect two full extra days’ worth of art from the get go. Obviously this involves a pay-cut, so I’m going to be ramping up efforts to make it worth supporting me on Patreon and/or Ko-Fi.

Work on The Final Lullaby is still ongoing, and Panel Show Comics is finally up and running with some work up on Comichaus, and Ben Haith-Bedford’s Stormhaven Techs hitting Comixology next week!

2020 brings more comics. I’m sure of it.

Good News and This Week’s Artwork

First of all, the artwork[note]That’s what we’re both here for, really[/note]; More watercolour practice[note]Hurray for colour wash backgrounds[/note] and an ink doodle I did while at work. Not much this week, sadly, there’s been a lot of alternative commitments, and a fatigue that’s been messing with my hand-eye coordination meaning I’ve spent more time inking the Britland City comic pages this week than I intended.

Watercolour Painting of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman – Postcard Sized

Inked girl swinging from a ring
Friday finally grabs the ring!

Thank you Ken Bromley Art Supplies
I got some new practice paper which is a lot nicer than the Cotman paper I’ve been previously using – just see how smooth the inking is on this one compared with the Wonder Woman picture!

Now, the good news[note]For those in West Yorkshire,mostly[/note];

I’ve began talks with Geek Retreat Leeds, and shall be doing a morning drawing session for the grand opening on the 28th of April. If it goes well, I’ll be working with them to form a face-to-face community for Comic Creators in West Yorkshire along with helping them with a couple of comics-related events. Keep your eyes peeled, it looks like Panel Show CC is coming back!

In addition, Britland City has now become an approved publisher of Project Wonderful ads[note]Currently bidding at $0![/note] so if you want to advertise on the site head-on over there and sign-up!


Updates and all that Jazz

Following a much needed trip to the Lakes International Comic Arts Festival (nothing more inspiring than seeing a bunch of successful comic artists), and a very pleasant email chain that I’ve been having with someone who is commissioning me, I felt like it was time to update this blog with what I’ve been up to, what I’m currently doing, and what future things I’m planning. 

Without further adieu;

What I’ve been Up To;

  • Practice, Practice, Practice.
  • I managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand Surface Pro 4 that was still under warranty so I’m getting to grips with drawing directly onto a screen again.
  • Drawing D&D characters – my own and my party’s
  • Playing D&D…and PUBG…and Crypt of the Necrodancer.
  • Some leisurely travel this year. Helsinki for a (non-typical) Finnish wedding deep in the heart of the wilderness, Insomnia61 (my first LAN ever!) and LICAF.
  • Reading some very useful books regarding story-crafting.

What I’m currently Up To;

  • A long term character design project for an indie RPG video game for one of my long-time friends. I’m designing the four PCs and it aims to 1) both embrace and dispense with clichés and 2) be accessible to a large group of people. We’re hoping that there’ll be a character for nearly everyone to relate to!
  • A series of smaller character commissions for /r/dnd following a post of my Celestial Pact Warlock to Reddit.
  • 日本語が学びます!
  • Retconning Britland City so that The Novelteagirl never happened because it is a story that requires my scientifically-minded main character to hold an idiot ball for an entire week

What’s happening in the Future?;

  • Making Britland, Making Britland, Making Britland! 
  • A long weekend trip to Belgium in December to see a couple of creative friends back from the SheezyArt days.