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The Final Lullaby is a supernatural comic about Penelope, a young woman who thinks she is a lonely witch. It begins at the end of April 2011.

After Penelope is kicked out of her home one Walpurgis Night, she is attacked by a vampire. She encounters Adena and Ellern, two witches who also live in Durham. They immediately take an interest in training Penelope to control and use her rare magic. When blowing off some steam by partying, they encounter Neschume, who is distrustful of the two experienced witches. Penelope brings them together through a series of events that leads her to owning a house and having them move in together.

Through her housemates, Penelope becomes exposed to the dark underbelly of the city. She meets other witches, less monsterous vampires, werewolves, angry spirits, demons and angels. The witches become embroiled in vampire politics and become used as tools by each group looking to overthrow the others.

Penelope’s repeated use of Time Magic to prevent witches falling into a New Years Even trap set by one group goes wrong. A large part of the world becomes stuck at midnight, and the real plot begins to reveal itself. Penelope becomes a target for many supernatural groups. Witch organisations either want her enslaved or killed. Demons and Devils begin to arrive in Durham.

The story then begins to reveal that it was a doomsday comic all along. It also reveals its theme of how hubris can lead to large downfalls. The original hubris began with The Composer. It thought that mashing the souls of 7 djinn together would be a good replacement for itself. The resulting selection process triggers a magical war that ravages The Earth. The replacement, The Creator, follows up with an attempted genocide of the rest of the djinn. It fails, and ends up creating vampires, werewolves, devils, demons, and humanity. It then decides to trigger doomsay in one last attempt to restore the Earth to a clean slate (with only humans).

I’ve had a lot of fun researching everything phantasmagorical to build the world and the lore. It was interesting comparing how much modern interpretations have changed the original tales. For example, early depictions of most Angels show them as flaming rings covered in eyes! To give you an idea of how my brain interpreted this, when Angels first reach Earth in the story, they look like this;

I currently work full time, so the time available to tell this story is very limited. It took about 6 months to get the prologue and first chapter finished. With the Super Patron payout, I could give these full time hours (and lets be honest, even more) to telling the story. I’d be able to produce approximately 20-30 pages a month. This is reasonable when it’s black + white with a splash of magic colour here and there!

That would mean I could finish this story 6 times faster! 6 times!